Tide Business Banking £75 FREE Referral Code: FREE75

Tide Business Banking £75 FREE Referral Code: FREE75

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Tide Referral Code: FREE75

Tide Referral Code: FREE75 or click the link below or even registering using the Tide app


This is a Tide Partnership Code with significant benefits over other codes you might find online.

Deposit £1 within 3 months and you'll receive £75 FREE cash included with your balance*
FREE bank transfers for 12 Months
FREE Ltd Company formation included when creating your account if needed

*(which is far quicker & more straightforward to activate in comparison to other codes which require £500 of card transactions).

Remember – Use code FREE75 and you only need to deposit £1 into your account within 3 months to obtain £75 FREE (Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your free cash). You can find no other codes online which provide these added benefits. Be cautious about fake codes offering £100 – They don't exist (read the small print).

I began a new business a few months ago (more on that to check out with this blog) but I wanted a brand new business bank account. After doing a little bit of research and deciding I didn't wish to go with one of many boring old high street banks – I came across TIDE which seemed to offer everything I needed.

What I knew before joining up was that unlike a majority of the high street banks I could be setup with a new account and have an account number within minutes of having verified and all directly from the app! I usually bank with a among the major high street banks and when I contacted them I was told I needed to make an appointment and bring all my documents and it'd take at the very least a week to get everything arranged. Nope – that just wasn't for me.

The referral code given by my colleague definitely helped persuade me ???? – I mean you can find numerous challenger ‘online only'banks who offer similar services but my blog is centred around finding referral codes for you and I to utilize – So I'd to choose Tide right? You need to use my referral code: FREE50 to obtain £50 bonus within 6-8 weeks of joining ! You just need to fund your account with £50 within 3 months of account opening to activate. Be careful of websites offering £100. I nearly joined utilizing a £100 referral code only to find they were hiding the fact it was only £50 and I needed to accomplish £500 of bank card transactions. For my small company I've been using my account for over 12 months and still haven't used my bank card
Tide Referral CodeTide Referral Code: FREE75

Did I mention the extremely cheap banking fees? You will find very few banks that offer free banking for business users but I found that although TIDE are not free the costs they charge are minimal. For me personally it absolutely was ideal as I only have a small number of transactions going right through my account so from a price perspective this account suits me just fine. You must work-out how many transactions you are expectant of on a yearly basis to sort out if the fundamental package at Tide is for you. The code FREE75 actually gives you free transfers for a year included which really is a definite bonus.

For those with larger businesses or maybe more specific banking needs – Tide remains the lender I'd recommend. Their offering goes way beyond what you may get from your own high street branch. Several of those are paid for services but most are actually FREE. The below graphic shows what is contained in the paid packages at Tide. I myself haven't upgraded to the Tide plus card because for just one employee with relatively simple banking needs the basic free package is more than sufficient but for larger businesses on the market the taken care of packages might be less expensive with the added bonus of cashback and expense cards for the teams.

One thing I would mention and probably should have done at the outset is the Tide app – which is surely a success story in itself. Everything I want from Tide is in the app and in over 12 months I have had not had a need to talk with anyone at Tide, enter a bank branch (they don't have any actually branches on the High street) or needed something that wasn't already available. They genuinely have looked at the majority of things! An individual interface is easy and easy to use (something the old guard could learn from) and usage of the desktop app is quirky, simple and very secure and logs in via a QR code scanned on your phone. If in the unlikely event you do have to talk to someone then you can contact directly through the in app chat feature and you should be able to talk with someone in minutes.

Moving forwards I can only see Tide getting better. They have been adding more and more services to Tide during the last 12 months I have now been a customer and I expect this to carry on to the future. They possess a active community forum and they love to keep everyone updated about what they have planned and always seek feedback from users about what we'd like added next. By today now you can get account integration with some of the most used accounting software packages, read access for the employees, send/pay and track invoices and get on top of that for me at least is getting the account setup in minutes.
Tide referral code: FREE75

Overall I'm very impressed with TIDE :-). I get everything I need from a bank that's been built from the bottom as much as be an on line bank – the functionality and user experience are fantastic. If you will need a business bank account you ought to check them out. Not sure what else I could add really. If this review hasn't made you intend to join Tide if you're looking for a business bank account – I'm not sure what will&hellip ;.

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You can open a FREE LTD company & Tide Account directly by following this link: https://www.tide.co/partners/refer-and-save/?cofo

Tide Business Account Overview

£75 signup bonus by entering the code FREE75 (payable within 6-8 weeks of account opening)
Sign-up in as low as 10 minutes on a mobile device or via the web. You can even choose to join up your company at the same time (for free) saving valuable time in having your company and/or account set up to operate and never having to visit any branches.
No credit check needed to open an account, therefore there's no risk in testing out Tide alongside a preexisting account
Free sign-up, without any annual or monthly fees
1 Year of FREE UK bank Transfers
Free Mastercard usage (at home and overseas)
Access to all or any Tide Platform product features to control their business admin like the Company Registration tool, Virtual Office Address, Receipt Importer, VAT Manager (which links to HMRC), Expense Management, Expense Team Cards, Accountancy Software Integrations, Invoicing Tool, Invoice Protection, Invoicing by Direct Debit (with GoCardless), and Apple Pay.

For more details please visit Tide bank.

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